Sailing To Mars

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A Passionate, Creative Engineer

I'm happiest when creating something I care about.

In 2015, I started work as a Mechanical Engineer. I was bored, and really started asking myself what I'm most passionate about. I explored anything of interest: programming, art, technology, language, etc. I traveled the world, and pushed myself at every chance.

In 2019, I quit my job to focus on the three areas I am most excited about. Web Development, Game Development, and Music Software Development.

This site showcases the projects I am most proud of.

Thanks for visiting,

Spenser Saling

Music Software

I have worked in music production software for about 10 years now. I always had ideas for plugins, and a few years ago I realized I had the skillset to create those plugins.


C++ / JUCE

A Saturation Plugin for Audio Production

At it's heart, Crispy is a waveshaping plugin that adds harmonics (saturation) to a signal. However, I implemented many additional features that make it more powerful for producers.

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Garage Lights

C++ / JUCE

Software that allows lights to be dynamically synced to music.

A VST plugin that allows users to control a DMX lighting universe from their DAW (digital audio workstation).

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Web Development

I love web development because of it's wide range of applications. Javascript is an incredible, unique language, shaped by the asynchronous nature of the web. Using technologies like Node, Electron, and React, I can create cross-platform desktop, mobile, and web apps.

Feel With Me

Node / GraphQL / MongoDB / React

A Social Networking Site That Connects People Based On Mutual Music Interest

Definitely one of the coolest things I've made. I originally build this project with a REST API and Redux. Towards completion, I began learning about GraphQL and Apollo. I decided to rebuild the entire project.

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Sailing To Mars

JS / React / Gatsby

A Pre-Rendered Portfolio Site

I chose the static site generator, Gatsby, for this portfolio site to maximize speed and SEO.

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Game Development

I love game development because of it's variety. When working on a game, I get to design graphics, music, sound, and program structure. Games also have a deeply object-oriented nature that makes them incredibly satisfying to work with.

Personal Space

C# / Unity

A 2D Arcade Game with Fine-Tuned Difficulty

This simple game aims to perfect the difficult, repeatable, addictive approach found in games like Flappy Bird.

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The Rest of Us

Lua / Love2D

A Simple RPG

Created with the Love2D framework in the Lua programming language. Over 2500 lines of commented code organized over 30 files.

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Particle System Designer

Lua / Love2D

A Live Particle System Editor

Allows users to interactively tweak settings in the Love2D Particle System Engine.

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About The Name

In high school, a friend Sean Mars and I joked about starting a band called Saling To Mars. When I started playing acoustic shows around Eugene, I used the name as a placeholder for a stage name. Eventually, the placeholder took on a significance that really stuck with me. You can't sail to Mars, obviously, but what if that didn't stop you? I dismiss so many opportunities and dreams because I assume i'm not capable. Maybe you shouldn't let your circumstances dictate what you strive for. If happiness is in the journey, does it matter if you reach the destination?

Don't have a spaceship, just a boat?...

Sail to Mars.

Cheesy, I know. But I like it.