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A Passionate, Creative Engineer

I'm happiest when learning about or creating something incredible.

Since graduating as a Mechanical Engineer in 2015, I have explored anything of interest: programming, art, technology, language, etc. I traveled the world, and pushed myself at every chance.

I stumbled upon a personal cirriculum I like to call project-based learning. First, I find something I want to create. Then, I learn whatever is necessary to make it happen. As a result, I've created a few cool things.

Spenser Saling. Creative Engineer

This site showcases the projects I am most proud of.

Thanks for visiting,

Spenser Saling

Software Development

When you combine today's technology with a fluency in programming, the sky is the limit as to what you can create.

Captive Light and Visual Synth Logo


Typescript / C++ / React / Electron / Serial Ports

Lighting & Visual Synth

By far my most ambitious project to date. This cross-platform desktop app generates lighting and visuals that synchronize to music. Designed to make dynamic, professional-quality lighting accessible to musicians with minimal effort. Captivate runs the lights at my DJ gigs with breathtaking results.

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Crispy Audio App Hero Image


C++ / JUCE

A Saturation Plugin for Audio Production

At it's heart, Crispy is a waveshaping plugin that adds harmonics (saturation) to a signal. However, I implemented many additional features that make it more powerful for producers.

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Feel With Me Hero image

Feel With Me

Node / GraphQL / MongoDB / React

A Social Networking Site That Connects People Based On Mutual Music Interest [Deactivated]

Definitely one of the coolest things I've made. I originally build this project with a REST API and Redux. Towards completion, I began learning about GraphQL and Apollo. I decided to rebuild the entire project.

The site's servers were deactivated to cut costs

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Lush Delay

Lush Delay

C++ / JUCE

A Delay Effect Plugin with lots of Versatility

Quickly alternate between timed delays, doubling effects, slap delays, modulation, and more.

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Mechanical Engineering

My foundation in mechanical engineering empowers me to bring my ideas to the real world. I regularly utilize 3D-modeling & printing, electrical system design, structural analysis, and more.

Vibe Pan Concept Design Overview

Vibe Pan

Harmonic Analysis / 3D Printing / Laser Cutting / Arduino

A revolutionary concept for a low-cost material handling device

This project involved making several prototypes of various scale, and filing a provisional patent before shopping the idea to prospective manufactuers

The Witcher 3 Geralt of Rivia Sword Model - Exploded

3D Printing

Autodesk Fusion / Cura

A ton of rapid prototype concepts

I spent years working in 3D Modeling software. As a result, I can easily turn ideas into real 3D objects with my FDM printer.

Game Development

I love game development because of it's variety. When working on a game, I get to design graphics, music, sound, and program structure. Games also have a deeply object-oriented nature that makes them incredibly satisfying to work with.

Personal Space Game Screenshot

Personal Space

C# / Unity

A 2D Arcade Game with Fine-Tuned Difficulty

This simple game aims to perfect the difficult, repeatable, addictive approach found in games like Flappy Bird.

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The Rest of Us Project

The Rest of Us

Lua / Love2D

A Simple RPG

Created with the Love2D framework in the Lua programming language. Over 2500 lines of commented code organized over 30 files.

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Particle System Designer

Particle System Designer

Lua / Love2D

A Live Particle System Editor

Allows users to interactively tweak settings in the Love2D Particle System Engine.

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I have always been obsessed with the feeling of awe and energy that the perfect event creates. No matter what interest I explore, it always ties back to this.

A lit dance floor

Wedding DJing

Serato / DMX

I've been the DJ & MC at multiple weddings

There's nothing like the thrill of DJing a wedding, the most special day in a couple's life. The MC is responsible for creating an atmosphere that is loving, fun, emotional, and energetic. It requires an incredible amount of care and planning. I have been entrusted with this special day 6 times now. I love the unique challenges that each wedding brings

Water Beneath Mars

Sailing To Mars

Logic Pro / Ableton / Serato / DMX

My Personal Music Project

My journed with music has really driven itself. I may not be the best musician, vocalist, or producer out there. But that hasn't stopped me from trying.

I've dabbled in making Singer-Songwriter, Electronic, and Indie Pop music.

About The Name

In high school, a friend Sean Mars and I joked about starting a band called Saling To Mars. When I started playing acoustic shows around Eugene, I used the name as a placeholder for a stage name. Eventually, the placeholder took on a significance that really stuck with me. You can't sail to Mars, obviously, but what if that didn't stop you? I dismiss so many opportunities and dreams because I assume i'm not capable. Maybe you shouldn't let your circumstances dictate what you strive for. If happiness is in the journey, does it matter if you reach the destination?

Don't have a spaceship, just a boat?...

Sail to Mars.

Cheesy, I know. But I like it.