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The Rest of Us

A simple RPG, created with the Love2D framework in the Lua programming language.

Over 2500 lines of commented code organized over 30 files.

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The Rest of Us Gameplay Screenshot

Key Features:

  • The map is populated with barriers, enemies, chests, and other objects based on the pixels in an image file. This means that levels can be "drawn" in a simple paint program. This same image is used as a mini-map.
  • Extensively organized with object-oriented programming (Enemies, weapons, objects, etc.)
  • Algorithms for square and circle collision, as well as hit detection
  • Procedurally generated terrain
  • All objects in the game are loaded and released from memory based on distance from the player
  • Inventory system with weights, stats, and various categories
  • Built in "Debug" option which prints selected variables to a window

I Love The Variety of Work I Did On This Project

  • Programming
  • Graphic Design
  • Sound Design
  • Scoring (Music)